Where? Saul revealed that Anfield is not the field to do himself with the hardest work.

13 May

Saul Giuseppe Madrid midfielder Atletico Anfield is not yet a field that makes him face the hardest job. Although visiting Liverpool is a difficult task The pitch that gives him the most pressure is Bayern's Allianz Arena.Saul Giuseppe, the talented midfielder of Atletico Madrid at the top of the Spanish La Liga club, said that visiting Anfield, where their team invaded Liverpool 3-2 in the extra time of the United game. The Champions League round of 16, the last two matches in March, the past. Not a visiting game that makes it difficult for them the most.Anfield is well-known for having a great atmosphere. And the local football fans cheered loudly throughout the game. To always make the visiting team feel the pressure when visiting Liverpool, for example, the season before Barcelona lost at the home of the "Reds" 0-4 in the second semifinal of the Champions League, for example Saul said that "the game to visit Anfield is a very difficult game. Which we already know that it will be like that But that's not the game that I encounter the most hard work (From the atmosphere and pressures of the home fans). It is not to the extent that I say - Are we so bad? - The game that made me feel the most difficult was when visiting Munich (at the Allianz Arena in the Champions League semi-finals. The second match of the season 2015-16. At that time, Atletico lost 1-2 but still qualified to the finals of the visiting team's rules. At that time I said to myself: - We will never be able to survive like this in real life - "

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